What do you do as a creative with a very common name? First, you have an identity crisis, and then you decide to go by something weird and fun that also rhymes with your very common name. In 2021, I started using "ickibones" as my art alias. After graduating from Purchase and then two years as part of the in-house design team at my first office job, I decided to pursue a freelance career. I worked as a freelance Designer, Illustrator and Sculptor out of my home studio for a little over a year. However, it was not for me.
I missed working with a team so after some debate on putting my freelance career to the side, I joined Clipcentric as a Campaign Specialist. During the week I make fun ads for large companies, and on the weekend I spend my time creating new projects, vending at craft fairs and perusing art galleries. When I’m not in my studio, you can find me outside or reading a good book with a cat in my lap. One day in the future I'd like to pick up freelancing again and expand my small business. I'm passionate about making the world a better, more beautifully designed place. Thank you for taking the time to look through my portfolio!  
I look forward to hearing from you!