As a writer, I instantly fell in love with book art and making artistic books. These decorative books represent themes that I explore through my work — femininity, fertility, strength, and love — using bright and soft colors to create a sense of peace and beauty. I really thrive by incorporating nature into my work, especially different species of plants and flowers. 
The first book cover incorporates two transparent pages sewn together, containing a pressed pink flower and ivy leaves. I chose transparent paper because I wanted the flower to stay preserved and for the cover to be able to be opened and viewed from behind.
The second book is centered on the idea of a long forgotten romance that is portrayed in a dream-like, hazy atmosphere. The second book’s cover was created using real birch tree bark with white lace and a fake floral accent. The inside pages were made using digital collages and citrasolve techniques.
Paper, Dyed Thread, Lace, Natural Materials, 2016-2018