Since the creation of my memoir, Woman Who Have Heard the Flute, I started sculpting polymer clay vulvas disguised as flowers — Vulva Roses, as I call them. They are meant to represent Mother Nature and can serve as a conversation piece, an addition to an altar space, or a fun and unique piece of home decor. I was making them just for fun at first but now and they have found homes all over the United States as well as internationally! Each flower is sculpted by hand so each and every sculpture is truly unique; a one of a kind creation. 
The first ever Vulva Rose sculpture was imagined as metallic gold — a manifestation of elegance and timelessness that the Divine Feminine embodies. I experiment with all sorts of colors and themes with these sculptures. I've created a masculine version of the Vulva Rose, called the Penis Lotus, which was imagined to be inclusive within the gender spectrum and to show solidarity. Most recently, my newest innovation showcases my sculptures inside of an ornamental frame that can hang on the wall. It's so excited to see these pieces become wall art since it's been an idea I'd had a long time ago. 
These sculptures will never wither or wilt, withstanding the test of time and preserving the beauty of a flower while celebrating your body!