Just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was contacted by an old friend of mine to create band posters for her boyfriend’s lively jam band that makes feel-good music, Creamery Station (they’re on Spotify!). They are based out of Connecticut and they mix together blues, rock, and bluegrass genres. They have an impressive fan base and have traveled on tour quite regularly. 
The band’s identifiers are milk or cream, cows, aliens and trains, so I decided to really have fun with these concepts by personifying them. Each poster emulates a carefree attitude and a rural lifestyle by using imagery of wide open spaces, mountainsides and modern comforts such as ice cream and dunking cookies in milk. I wanted to create one simple design with just the band's name and two with the event's details, such as the venue and date.
Despite the grim outlook on live music last year, I still proceeded with finishing the designs of three posters meant to promote the band. Placeholders for the events have been used in place of the cancelled dates and times. The band loved the designs and I hope they’re able to use them someday.
Poster Design, 2020. Procreate.