Inspired by artistic printing, vintage bottle labels and aged literature, The Pyramid Twins is a fictional distillery that offers complimentary tasting and tours around their whiskey, vodka, and gin distilleries. Each bottle is hand crafted in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and taste to keep customers coming back for more.
The Pyramid Twin's vodka bottle packaging has an antique, gilded appearance — an homage to the rich history of Sonoma County, where this alcohol is crafted. From the beginning I knew this bottle was going to be overly decorative with lots of framing elements, script typefaces and bold slab serifs. I started drawing directly on the bottle with tracing paper to test where each element would live. Doing this allowed me to easily place each element on the label as well as measure the diameter of the bottle in order to print the label correctly. Creating packaging for a bottle of this shape proved to be challenging but after some trial and error I got it just right. This was one of my favorite projects that I've worked on and I could see myself doing more work like this.
Packaging Design, 2016. Adobe Illustrator.