Over the past decade, reading seems to be have become less popular with the rise of technology, especially among young people. To try to encourage millennials to read books and check them out from the local library, I collaborated with the head librarian of the Harrison Public Library to create a vector cutout that was installed on the wall as an interactive piece at the library in Harrison, NY. The fun, life-size artwork draws people in with its colorful shapes and it then becomes a photo opportunity to share and even go viral on Instagram using popular hashtags.
The final design was sent to a vendor to create and install a sticky vinyl on the wall. It was placed right inside the hallway entrance of the library, enticing those who enter to participate. The cutout enhances the plain white wall behind it as well as providing a fun way to make a difference and interact in real life and online. I also created some colorful sticker designs that didn't end up being printed for the installation, but they were meant to be takeaway and a reward for participating.
Interactive Wall Art, 2018. Adobe Illustrator.