I had the privilege of creating a new logo for Upstate Canna Co. located on Union Street in Schenectady, the first marijuana dispensary open in Upstate New York. I was contacted by the owners to design a logo and branding for a new store that would potentially be adjacent to the Glenville location, tentatively if Glenville opts in for the sale of marijuana. 
Called The Healthy Joint, the new store will be a juice bar and smoking lounge where customers can purchase smoothies and juices infused with CBD while being able to kick back and relax with something to drink and smoke as well. The owners of Upstate Canna Co. asked me to use imagery of fruit and a joint, as well as incorporating the original logo and its colors. I wanted the logo to be bright and fresh looking, so I chose the colors of citrus fruits. The vertical format is the primary logo while the horizontal format will be the design used for the outdoor sign. It was such an honor and a pleasure to work with a local business, that is both black and female owned! I would love to do more projects like this and work with more progressive small business owners in the future.
Branding Design, 2021. Adobe Illustrator.