Unico Clothing is a fictional luxury clothing and streetwear brand that was established in Venice, Italy and boasts a beautiful location on the serene canals. The name of the luxury brand is a play on the word "unique", showcasing the complexity of not only the brand, but those who wear it. Unico emphasizes on never sacrificing quality for profit and its company mission is being 100% committed to implementing sustainable practices. So far 45% of Unico's products are recycled and sustainably attained.
I designed and created a branding identity for Unico that included a logo, business cards, shopping bags, and a website, using a cohesive identity that is high in contrast and colorful while not being too saturated. I drew inspiration from the ocean to allude to the floating city that the brand is based in and also by progressive luxury brands and their identity — Gucci, Versace, Rag and Bone, Stella McCartney, and Zena Presley all gave me a lot to consider when designing my own brand. The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli influenced Unico's imagery and color palette. I've thought about possibly rebranding this project and creating imagery for ads, a storefront, and new shopping bag designs. I also have some ideas for illustrating concepts of a seasonal clothing line from Unico that I'd like to explore in the future.
Branding Design, 2016. Adobe Illustrator.