What happens when the religion you were born into starts to no longer align with your values and lifestyle? I began to unpack this charged question while researching sexism embedded within modern day religions. I wanted to rewrite the outdated rules of Christianity and redefine the Bible in an empowering way that represented and celebrated all women, giving a voice to those who have been silenced throughout history. 
This memoir, titled "Women Who Have Heard the Flute", is broken into four parts. It contains a collection of illustrations, collages, writing & research — a sort of sacred tome that I created to explore the multifaceted world of spirituality and to scrutinize organized religion. It was a year long project that came from reading, research, experimentation and rebellion. As I learned more, I started to shift into my own version of spirituality that included what is known as the Divine Feminine — a practice that felt more familiar and comfortable to me. This project has been very empowering to me as an artist and as a woman trying to find my place in the world and figuring out my spirituality in a way that makes sense to me. I hope other women who want to explore nontraditional spiritualities can feel empowered by my book and have the courage to break free and live their truth. Down with the patriarchy!
Book Design, 2018. Multi-media, Adobe InDesign.